I am so grateful to those who have chosen to endorse the quality of my work.

My abilities and life have been enhanced by having the privilege of being part of their soul's journey.

"Working with Barbara has been a true gift to my spiritual growth. Her creative abilities, rich imagination, grounded down-to-earth approach and high ethics create an atmosphere to explore deep, hidden patterns that get naturally unfolded and set off a journey toward empowerment. With rejoicing heart I highly recommend Barbara. Her Archetypal insights provide revealing truths and are life-changing."

Aleksandra D.

"Barb is a remarkable human being and she brings her well-earned abilities into her work as an Archetypal Consultant. I feel fortunate to work with her on a regular basis. Her insight is clear and accurate. Like a fine archer, she has the uncanny ability to hit her mark every time. That is to say, she can help you to focus and stay on target to get to the root of whatever issue you bring to your session with her.

Barb has helped me to clarify issues in my life that have led me to take actions I might not have done otherwise. Her support and encouragement have given me courage to take important, and sometimes difficult steps toward healing. When you talk to Barb, you feel that you have someone who understands you and who is on your side. Lucky is the person who works with her." 

Dana M.

"Barb has such expertise and insight into how Archetypes influence what we do at every moment. I found Barb when I was searching for my next purpose in life. I was transitioning from one career to another and feeling stuck. I spent a whole year with Barb, working on how to go from just fate happening to me to working on my destiny. Not only was this an eye opening journey, but it has allowed me to grow immensely in my spiritual life, and in how I relate to the world - from my career to my health. I feel so empowered now. Barb truly is a gift."

Kim M.

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