What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Have an introductory discussion with your prospective Consultant in order to understand what their process of self-exploration entails in terms of hours per week in contemplation, reading and writing about your life and soul's journey. 
Make sure the time is right and you are willing to make the time commitment.

What types of customers have you worked with?

All ages and nationalities. I am delighted to work with anyone who seeks to overcome barriers to living the life they were incarnated for.


People who have a desire to fulfill their divine assignments while cultivating a spiritual community are drawn to this program.

Can you give me an example of recent projects you completed with a customer?

I just completed a 12-month Fate and Destiny Chart with a customer which includes the interpretation of 36 personal archetypes in every area of their life (Ego, Life Values, Self-Expression, Home, Creativity, Health/Occupation, Relationships, Other's Resources, Spirituality, Highest Potential,

Relationship to World, and the Unconscious) which empowered them to manifest their life's destiny rather than drift along into fate.


I also assisted with the creation of a personal Chakra Chart for a customer to learn how the energy data and sacred truths of  chakras interacted with the behavioral patterns of personal archetypes.

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