To Begin


1.  Schedule your Free Consultation to introduce yourself, share your reasons for taking action now and your goals.

2. Work together to identify your personal 8 archetypes . These 8 plus the 4 Survival Archetypes are all you need to create your first wheel.

3. Create and interpret your Chart of Origin Archetypal Wheel, giving you deeper insight into every area of your life, release the myths, embrace the truths and open the way to living at your highest potential.

4. Identify additional archetypes for placement in a Working Chart, Healing Chart, Fate & Destiny Chart or other chart customized to your needs.


Private Sessions

$95.00/1 hour

If you’ve read the Sacred Contracts book by Caroline Myss, understand the method and just need an objective consultant to review your progress, schedule an individual session on an “as needed” basis

Transformation Package

$750.00/12 hours

Package of 12 sessions/1 hour each session

Great results happen when you commit to the process and allow it time for integration. In this package, receive 12 private sessions with more hands on guidance in archetype selection, chart creation and interpretation

Group Package

Prices Vary

Call to schedule a workshop

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