Types of Wheels

Chart of Origin – This is the first wheel, similar to an astrological natal chart in that it is only created once. It consists of the 12 archetypes you were born with.  

Click here for Sample Chart of Origin

Working Charts – describe a Wheel created to address current situations in your life where you need guidance.It consists of your 12 Kairos, or current day archetypes.  

Click here for Working Chart

Fate & Destiny Wheel – This wheel consists of 36 archetypes and addresses an intention that you set to receive guidance on shifting from fate into your soul’s destiny. It consists of the 12 archetypes in the Wheel of Origin, the 12 archetypes in your Kairos Wheel and 12 archetypes that the Cosmos pick for you.  

Click here for Sample Fate & Destiny Wheel 

Click here for Template of Fate & Destiny Wheel