What Are Archetypes

Each of us possess a set of archetypes - character profiles, if you will - that animate us with certain beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Studying your archetypes helps you to see all relationships as opportunities for growth and how certain responsibilities in your life are necessary to complete soul assignments.  By knowing archetypes, you can recognize the energy patterns of those around you as well, and be able to connect with them more consciously and effectively.

Archetypes are not gender specific and every one of them has both a light and shadow aspect, so there are no "good" or "bad" archetypes.  Being aware of the light and shadow aspects allow you to consciously make choices that either empower your spirit or diminish it.


Our archetypal energy companions lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and the way we choose to view and interact with the world. By working with your archetypes, you will understand your life’s mission and be able to consciously honor your Sacred Contract. You will become aware of the seen and unseen forces directing your life. You will dismantle myths and draw power from core truths.

While the archetypes we embody may come and go over the course of a lifetime, the 12 we were born with are lifelong companions that equip us to honor our Sacred Contract, or highest potential.  These archetypes were evident in childhood (ages 5-15) before family, society, and culture influenced how we "should" think, speak and behave.

To get better acquainted with archetypes, review the list of the Nine Major Archetypal Families and the Gallery of Archetypes on Myss.com or in the Caroline Myss book, "Sacred Contracts".  There are numerous articles about the light and shadow aspects of every archetype on the internet as well.  Get to know the archetypes that interest you by reading as much as you can about them.  Then begin to make a list of those archetypes that best describe your most authentic nature since childhood.

After careful selection, your combination of 12 archetypes will be placed on a wheel (called the Chart of Origin) representing 12 areas of your life, where they tell your story, heal past hurts, provide insight into anything that no longer serves you and allow you to make choices that are healthy and empowering.

Your sacred Contract will unfold.  Ultimately, your archetypes lead you to a place where your inner world holds greater power and authority over you than anything in the physical world.  You will become aware of the unseen power directing your life.  You will dismantle myths and embrace truth.

"We don't see things as they are.  We see them as we are". - Elizabeth Lesser, The Omega Institute